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 Akon vorbeste despre inscenarea mortii lui mj

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MesajSubiect: Akon vorbeste despre inscenarea mortii lui mj   Sam Iun 19, 2010 9:53 pm

Am gasit asta pe siteul Silvianei si mi s-a parut interesant;
cititi si voi



"Which is why his final gutsy comeback attempt ranks as one of the most
tantalizing near-misses in pop culture history. The heartbreaking «what
if» questions linger. What's amazing is that he made it as far as he
did. Chalk it up to his willpower, maddening determination and cursed
pride. Entertaining was all he had ever done until he be came the best.
Now he was going to get it all back - AT ANY COST. Quite simply,
Michael Jackson refused to lose. «I'm going to get them,» -
the embattled singer told long time friend and musical collaborator
Teddy Riley in late 2008 of his plans for a spectacular return. «I'm going to shock the world, just watch.»
Akon says: ""Everything in Mike's life was choreographed. So he's probably
on some island right now just relaxing waiting for the time to come back.
I can deal with his death knowing that.One day I'm going to be
somethere going to the market and and I might see him with that same
disguise that he had on in Vegas. I would just say to him, "Don't worry
Michael, I won't tell nobody."


Wow!! Nu este grozav ca Akon vorbeste despre falsa moartea a lui Michael atat
de deschis şi clar . Şi Michael ia spus lui Teddy "« Am de gând sa
sochez lumea , doar priveste . »" Michael a vrut să facă un lucru care
nu a mai fost facut vreodata înainte! Si cred ca asta a si reusit, sa
socheze lumea si sa faca ceva inedit.
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Akon vorbeste despre inscenarea mortii lui mj
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